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Business Bankruptcy Attorney Dallas And Fort WorthSmall business owners fuel a significant portion of our nation’s economy.  They provide jobs, pay taxes and participate in their communities.  Many are disciplined financial stewards that are well acquainted with personal sacrifice and solid work ethics.  There are, however, factors that are outside the control of any business owner that can negatively impact the business’s financial solvency.

When businesses continue to operate in the red month after month, they can encounter crippling debt. A business bankruptcy attorney can help you determine how to recover. Federal laws allow businesses to file Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13, but which method you can use is determined by a number of factors, including how the business is structured.

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What to Do When Facing Business Bankruptcy

If business bankruptcy is in your company’s financial future, you will need to seek legal counsel from an experienced business bankruptcy attorney first, and the sooner you schedule a consultation, the sooner you can formulate a plan of action. Waiting to see how much more conditions within the business can dwindle before taking legal action can cause more harm than good. Earlier intervention may allow you to take advantage of an option that might not be available later on. When your business is facing bankruptcy, Leinart Law Firm can help.

Our Law Firm Protects Your Business’s Finances

Leinart Law Firm has been helping people and businesses in financial crisis for more than 15 years—we understand the risks you take and the challenges you face.  While every client presents a unique situation, chances are we have helped a business facing financial challenges that are similar to the ones your company faces now.  Let our team of business bankruptcy attorneys utilize their skills and knowledge on behalf of your company.When you think “business bankruptcy lawyer Dallas,” think Leinart Law.

Our Difference

When businesses face financial hardships, Leinart Law Firm provides compassionate service.  We are experienced Texas bankruptcy attorneys and we respond to our clients with promptness.  Many clients are surprised to know that they will meet with an attorney on their very first visit, something that is not commonly done among other bankruptcy law firms.  We also offer a complimentary consultation and evaluation for prospective clients.  This allows us to meet you, listen to your situation and determine if you qualify for bankruptcy filing or if you would benefit from other debt management solutions.

How Business Bankruptcy Impacts Personal Credit Scores

How business bankruptcy will impact your personal credit score depends on several factors. First, it depends on what type of business entity you have used to create your business. Some types of businesses limit liability, including debt.  LLCs, for instance, would not impact your personal credit score, while a general partnership or sole proprietorship could. Secondly, it depends on how you guaranteed the debt. If you personally guarantee the debt, your score could be impacted.  Remember, however, that the debt will be discharged so from a credit report standpoint you now do not owe that debt and it is shown as a $0 balance. It is crucial that you talk to an experienced bankruptcy attorney before filing for business bankruptcy. An attorney can help you protect your personal assets as they guide you on the best way to navigate through the bankruptcy process.

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