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Collection Agency Attorney Dallas And Fort WorthIn today’s world, it’s become alarmingly commonplace for creditors to use threatening techniques to squeeze every last dollar out of you that they can.  Many creditors hire debt collection agencies that threaten, harass and humiliate debtors who are doing their best to get by.

This is creditor harassment, and these debt collectors don’t care about you and your life and are only focused on getting their money.  They don’t take into account the job you lost or the emergency medical care your child needed.  Fortunately, you can turn to Leinart Law Firm for help stopping repossession and wage garnishment.  We’ll help you stop debt collectors from harassing and embarrassing you.

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How to Stop Bill Collector Harassment

While bill collectors may make claims that are frightening and intimidating, many overstep their bounds when trying to collect money.  Laws are in place to govern exactly how these agencies can approach you and how they can attempt to get money from you.  Consulting an attorney to stop creditor harassment is the first step in gaining an education about your rights.

You can also stop debt collector harassment by filing for bankruptcy with the help of one of our attorneys.  Bankruptcy stops the agency from contacting you and also eliminates or reduces the debts that you simply can’t pay.  With over 15 years of experience, the attorneys at Leinart Law Firm can quickly assess your situation and help you create a plan for starting over financially.

Our Collection Agency Attorneys Protect Your Privacy

Financial issues should always remain private, and we guarantee complete confidentiality and privacy.  We’ll help you find ways to stop debt collectors from interrupting your family time and contacting you at all hours of the day.  We know you value your privacy, and want you to feel safe and secure in your own home, regardless of your financial situation.

We place a strong emphasis on clear contact and compassionate service, and never pass judgment on your situation.  We know that circumstances outside of your control may have affected your situation, and do our best to help you rectify debts that may weigh heavily on your mind.

How to Properly Deal with Debt Collectors

If you are feeling the pressure of unpaid debt, you are probably no stranger to debt collectors. Debt collectors can be mean, cruel, and even harassing. The best way to deal with debt collectors is to know your rights. Under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, you have the right to request that they stop contacting you. Request an official statement of your debt, their name, and contact information, and tell them that you do not wish to be contacted again. It is also a good idea to submit this request in writing. If they continue to harass you, you may file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  Remember, however, that they can continue to send billing notices to you, to accrue interest and penalties, and to report any delinquencies to the credit bureaus. To assist you further, contact a debt attorney who can provide you with information and resources to pay your debt, file for bankruptcy, or help you with credit counseling. For more information, call Leinart Law Firm at 469-232-3328 today.

Do I have any recourse if I think a debt collector has violated the law?

Yes, if you believe a debt collector has violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you can file a formal complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Some indications that the debt collector is breaking the law include:

  • Calling at strange and inappropriate hours (before 8 am or after 9 pm)
  • Threatening you with violence
  • Using rude or profane language
  • Contacting your employer
  • Multiple calls back to back

If you have been the victim of debt collector harassment, contact Leinart Law Firm at 469-232-3328 to speak with one of our experienced debt attorneys.

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