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Home Foreclosure Attorney Dallas & Fort Worth TXMillions of Americans have faced the grim reality of losing their homes and moving their families because of overwhelming debts and circumstances beyond their control. Whether you are dealing with foreclosure for your primary home, a second home or additional property, a foreclosure attorney from Leinart Law Firm can offer debt solutions to help you keep your property and your money.

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Our Law Firm Fights to Stop Foreclosures

Here at Leinart Law Firm, we know you’ve worked hard to pay your mortgage and invest money into a property that you hoped would provide a return on that investment someday. Regardless of your current financial situation, we want to make sure that you keep that home, even when times are tough. We’ll work with you to stop foreclosure and help you hold onto property that is important to you.

With over 15 years of experience in the business, our attorneys have been able to stop home repossession for most of our clients. We’ll help to stop repossession, set up a payment plan that works for you, and help you to settle other debts in the process. We want to see you get a fresh financial start and will devote all of our energy and resources to helping you start over.

The Impact of a Home Foreclosure in Dallas-Fort Worth

While the most pressing issue regarding your home foreclosure may be where to live, the long-term effects may be even more devastating. Because we know that you are focused on the here and now, we’ll take care of your future and help you avoid the negative long-term effects of foreclosing on your property:

  • Low credit scores
  • Inability to buy another home
  • Forced moves
  • Explanations for your employer
  • Tax bills
  • Emotional sadness and loss

Many Americans feel as if their homes are a part of their family, and losing a family member is never easy. We know that the emotional and mental toll of losing your home is enough to devastate you, and our foreclosure attorneys are dedicated to ensuring that this doesn’t happen.

Our Promise

At Leinart Law Firm, we focus strongly on clear communication and compassionate service to all of our clients. Our attorneys will review your case without passing judgment and care more about your future than the bottom line.

How can I find out if the place I rent is in foreclosure and what is happening with the foreclosure?

If the house or apartment you’re renting is under a foreclosure, you still have rights, and your landlord is still responsible for that property until the foreclosure is complete.

In most cases, a foreclosure takes up to 90 days to complete, so you can’t be evicted during this time unless you refuse to pay rent, which you still owe to your landlord.

If you receive court papers, don’t ignore them. Responding to the court will actually benefit you, because you’ll be given a set day that you have to move out by. If you ignore the papers, a marshal hired by the new owner can give you 24 hours’ notice before moving your things out for you.

Can hiring an attorney give me a better a chance of avoiding foreclosure?

If your goal is only to stay in your home through the foreclosure process, you may not want the added expense of hiring an attorney.

However, if you have a defense to stay in your home, an attorney will be able to help you through the lawsuit. There are a few reasons that you may have a strong defense that would require an attorney, and these usually vary slightly by state.

In general, these defenses include mistakes or lack of proof on behalf of the foreclosing party, but there are other reasons, such as if you’re a member of a military service, in which case you’d have special protections against foreclosure. An attorney will better your chances of avoiding foreclosure in cases like these.

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