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Repossession Attorney Dallas & Fort Worth TXWhen you stop meeting your obligations and are unable to pay your bills, your creditors may attempt to repossess your property in order to make up the difference. Bankruptcy laws may allow you to keep your belongings or get them back after they’ve been repossessed, but you can’t start the process until you have help and information. Here at Leinart Law Firm, we understand repossession rights and repossession laws. We have extensive experience in guaranteeing that our clients keep their belongings and stop collector harassment and wage garnishment, even when times are tough.

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Our extensive experience allows us to provide expertise in the following areas:

How Repossession Laws Work

Once your belongings have been repossessed, you may only have a small window of time before your repossession rights run out. We’ll quickly and efficiently file your paperwork to ensure that you get to keep your stuff and that you meet all the requirements set up by the repossession laws.

If you choose to file for bankruptcy, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may allow you to keep your belongings while reducing your debt and setting up payment plans that are manageable on your income. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can give you anywhere from 3-5 years to get caught up on payments that are past due. A repossession attorney from Leinart Law Firm can handle the negotiation process with your creditors and ensure that all the steps are completed to get you back on track financially. If you are looking for the best repossession attorney in Fort Worth, look no further than Leinart Law.

Our Attorneys Fight to Stop Repossession

Here at Leinart Law Firm, we understand repossession rights and believe that you should keep your belongings, especially when circumstances outside of your control affect your ability to make payments to your creditors. We’ll stand in front of you as you attempt to start over financially and fight for your rights as your creditors focus on getting their money. While debt collectors only care about the bottom line, our repossession attorneys are compassionate and caring and will handle your case without passing judgment on your situation.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve gained experience with the following:

  • Stop repossessions by creditors
  • Set up payment plans that work for you and your creditors
  • Get your repossessed belongings back
  • Use cram downs, particularly on auto loans

We’ll work with you to reduce your debts, keep what is rightfully yours, and set up payment plans that work with your income and your other monthly obligations.

The Leinart Difference

It’s difficult to get to work to pay your bills without your car, and we don’t want to see you lose your belongings simply because you’ve fallen on hard times. All evaluations and consultations are free with our attorneys, and we focus on clear communications and compassionate service.

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