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IRS Tax Debt Attorney, Dallas and Fort WorthA year can go by very quickly when you don’t have the money to pay taxes you owe to the IRS. Interest, fees and penalties from the IRS quickly add up once you’ve fallen behind, and the IRS employs many different tactics to get the money they are owed. Many consumers are unaware of options that are available to them to help alleviate tax debt and offer debt solutionsLeinart Law Firm offers tax debt relief to all our clients with the help of a tax debt lawyer.

Our Other Debt Solutions

Our extensive experience allows us to provide expertise in the following areas:

You Don’t Have to Face the IRS Alone

The IRS is an intimidating entity, and when dealing with back taxes owed, many consumers fear going up against such a financial giant without help. We offer the services of an IRS tax attorney to ensure that you are paying what is fair and nothing else. We’ll help you to set up a payment plan with the IRS and help to eliminate or reduce the amounts you owe.

Our experienced tax debt lawyers are also proficient in the following:

  • Stopping penalties and interest from growing
  • Setting up payment plans over 3-5 years
  • Stopping wage garnishments
  • Eliminating or reducing back tax amounts
  • Reducing your total amount owed to the IRS

Our goal is to help you keep more of your money, and we’ve got the information and resources available to help you do exactly that. With the help of a tax debt lawyer from Leinart Law Firm, you can start over financially and begin the process of getting your life back from the IRS.

Tax Debt Relief Available to You Today

We have two convenient locations in Dallas and Fort Worth, making it easy for clients to stop by and discuss their case with our attorneys. All consultations and evaluations are free to potential clients, and we’ll give your case the attention it needs to be successful.

We place a strong emphasis on compassionate service and always refrain from judging your situation. Our IRS tax attorneys are strong communicators and always respond to your communication promptly and in a friendly manner. If you owe tax debt in Dallas, we can help!

Our IRS tax attorneys understand bankruptcy laws and how they can work in your favor. With the help of our online bankruptcy evaluation, toll-free number and e-mail intake form, getting help for tax debt relief is simple and easy.

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