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A Garland, TX, bankruptcy attorney can help you find a path out of crippling debt and stop the collections calls. You’ll meet with a bankruptcy lawyer in Garland that will help you understand your options and guide you through the difficult decisions needed to take back control of your financial future. Call today to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys. 

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The bankruptcy process does more than discharge or restructure your debts. When you file your case with the help of your bankruptcy attorney in Garland, TX, an automatic stay halts foreclosures, repossessions, and other collections processes in their tracks. This lets you protect your property while you work to regain your financial footing with a clean slate. 

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Your Garland bankruptcy lawyer from the Leinart Law Firm can also provide tailored debt relief solutions to help you with:

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Stop avoiding collections notices and start acting to protect your property. Schedule a free consultation with an attorney who’s ready to help you regain financial freedom. Set an appointment today with a bankruptcy attorney near Garland, TX.  

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