About Our Personal Injury & Bankruptcy Law Firm

At Leinart Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers and bankruptcy attorneys provide creative, collaborative legal services to clients in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. With more than 15 years of experience, our legal team possesses the knowledge and expertise required to reach successful outcomes in challenging personal injury and bankruptcy cases.

Personal Injury

Our personal injury law firm knows that it is critical to act quickly when your health and livelihood are at stake. Our personal injury attorneys listen to your story, evaluate evidence and present all the options available to you so you have the information you need to make an informed decision. Attorneys at Leinart have successfully recovered maximum compensation for clients in cases involving:

Car accidents

— Being injured in an auto accident can be life-changing. Our personal injury lawyers understand how to accurately value your claim and aggressively negotiate with insurance companies to help you recover the full compensation you need to protect your health and financial security.

Truck accidents

— Leinart Law Firm has more than 20 years of experience taking on trucking companies and their insurers. We understand the tactics they employ to try and pay as little as possible on personal injury claims. Our team fights for injured victims and help them recover the compensation they deserve.

Motorcycle accidents

— Due to the lack of protection surrounding them, motorcyclists may suffer severe injury such as head, neck and spine injuries, traumatic brain injury, amputation, and broken or crushed bones. Our accident attorneys are well-versed in proving liability in motorcycle cases and handle all negotiations with insurance companies.

Slip and fall accidents

— Businesses and property owners have a legal obligation to keep their premises safe for everyone who may enter. When they fail to do so and someone gets hurt, they may be liable for damages. Our slip-and-fall lawyers understand how to build solid premises liability cases and work tirelessly to help you get the maximum compensation to which you may be entitled.

Medical malpractice

— Injuries caused by medical negligence can have a lifelong impact on victims and their families. Whether a misdiagnosis, medication error, surgical mistake or other circumstances caused harm to you or a loved one, our medical malpractice lawyers work with trusted physicians and other professionals to determine whether you have a viable claim and what it may be worth.

Work accidents

— Employers are required to provide a safe workplace for their employees. When an employer fails to carry workers’ compensation insurance or their negligence causes harm, they may be liable for damages. We have helped thousands of Texas workers get the benefits and compensation they deserve after a workplace accident.

Construction accidents

— Contractors, site managers and property owners have an obligation to ensure that proper safety protocols are followed on any job or construction site. Our team of seasoned professionals knows how to fully investigate construction accidents to determine whether negligence was involved. The personal injury attorneys at Leinart Law Firm will fight to help you get the workers’ comp benefits and compensation you need for recovery.

Wrongful death

— Losing a loved one is devastating under any circumstances, but it can be especially traumatic when someone else’s negligence or willful misconduct causes a death. Although no amount of money can change what happened, our wrongful death lawyers can help you recover compensation and hold responsible parties accountable.

Bankruptcy and Financial Issues

Financial issues can be a source of stress and worry. At Leinart Law Firm, we have handled thousands of bankruptcy and debt management cases. Our bankruptcy law firm is dedicated to helping clients find financial solutions tailored to their specific circumstances. Our bankruptcy attorneys provide a thorough assessment of your financial situation and help you make informed decisions about the options that may be available to you. In addition to providing skilled legal support different types of bankruptcy, such as Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases, we can assist you with:


— The bankruptcy lawyers at Leinart Law Firm provide specialized legal advice and services that can help you maintain possession of your property and get your finances in order.

Credit card debt

— Our team can help you find solutions to eliminate credit card debt, stop harassment from creditors and provide credit counseling to help you learn ways to rebuild your credit after overwhelming debt.

Credit repair

— Bad credit can affect myriad aspects of your life, including your ability to qualify for a loan or find employment. Although bankruptcy is often a good solution to pay off your debts and begin to rebuild your credit, our attorneys can also help if you have been a victim of identity theft or need assistance with resolving inaccuracies on your credit report.


— A home foreclosure can feel like losing a member of the family. We help you find ways to halt foreclosure and eliminate or restructure your debt.

Tax debt relief

— At Leinart Law Firm, our experienced tax attorneys can help you find tax debt relief in several ways. We thoroughly evaluate your case and advise you on how to reduce, eliminate or restructure your tax debt and assist you through the process every step of the way.

Medical bills

— Sadly, medical debt is the main reason many Americans declare bankruptcy. However, there are other options to consider, such as setting up payment plans with medical providers and battling insurance companies that deny claims. Our bankruptcy lawyers provide creative solutions that can help you get your medical debt resolved and put your finances back on track.

Wage garnishment

— A common method of debt collection employed by persistent creditors, wage garnishment can make it impossible to pay your monthly bills and other essential expenses. We can help stop creditors from garnishing your wages and get you on a path to overcoming debt and financial hardship.

Our Community Involvement

At Leinart Law Firm, we believe that community involvement is critical to improving the lives of our fellow citizens. That’s why we are proud to contribute to and participate in a number of charitable outreach programs, including:

  • Children’s Medical Center of Dallas
  • Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides Walk
  • Family Place
  • Genesis Women’s Shelter
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • Susan G. Komen Foundation
  • Tarrant County Buddy Walk

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