Although businesses in Texas are reopening, many throughout the state are experiencing mounting debt and financial hardship from being out of work.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of state, county, and local resources. If you are out of work due to the Coronavirus pandemic and mandatory shutdown, consult the resources below to see if you qualify for financial relief.

If you are not qualified to receive state or federal aid, our attorneys are standing by to guide you to your best debt relief and bankruptcy options.

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Texas Covid-19 Resources

At the state level, Texas has several resources to keep the public informed on the latest phases in reopening, information on safety orders, unemployment benefits, and the Paycheck Protection Program for small businesses.

The Coronavirus pandemic is changing how the government and individual businesses operate day to day. Please consult these resources for the most up-to-date information:

County and Local Resources

Throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth area, county officials are also providing local guidance, health news, and information:

Texas Courts and Covid-19

Texas state courts have issued emergency orders due to the pandemic.

If you are currently in a bankruptcy case or thinking about filing for bankruptcy, the courts are still operating. However, the courts have changed how hearings are being conducted:

  • 341 Hearings (Meeting of the Creditors) – During the COVID-19 stay-at-home order and beyond, both Northern and Eastern Districts of Texas are conducting 341 hearings via Zoom conference call
  • Motions to Lift Stay – These are still happening and being conducted per normal procedure
  • Motions to Dismiss – These are still happening and being conducted per normal procedure

Financial Relief During the Covid-19 Crisis

If you are falling behind on your bills, explore these consumer protection resources:

Frequently Asked Questions on Covid-19 and Financial Hardship

We understand the information surrounding the COVID-19 response changes rapidly – if you have trouble deciphering any of the following issues please reach out to Leinart Law Firm for guidance:

Will my house be foreclosed on during COVID-19?

This depends on your lender.  Many lenders have suspended foreclosures and are offering forbearance or late fee forgiveness, however foreclosures are still happening in Texas.  If you have fallen behind on your home, we can advise you on a legal way to prevent foreclosure.

I lost my job due to the coronavirus – Can my car be repossessed during this time?

Though many of the larger lenders are showing some leniency towards overdue car payments, smaller lenders are proceeding with repossessions as usual for the most part.

Can I be evicted for failing to pay rent while I am waiting on unemployment benefits?

As with lenders, this depends on your landlord.  Landlords who have the financial ability to stretch payment due dates are working with people but evictions are still taking place.

Can I get more time to pay my credit card bills, utility bills and other unsecured loans during this time?

Many lenders are offering forbearance and forgiven late fees, however if you are using credit cards or personal loans to pay your ongoing expenses, your unsecured debt could become unmanageable.  Contact us to see how all or most of your unsecured debt can be legally forgiven.

Debt Relief and Bankruptcy Options

In addition to the state, local, and private sector financial resources linked on this page, Leinart Law Firm specializes in debt relief and bankruptcy options that can be tailored to your specific financial situation.

Debt Relief

Wage Garnishment
Credit Card Debt
Medical Debt
Tax Debt Relief
Credit Counseling’
Credit Repair


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Business Bankruptcy
Divorce & Bankruptcy
Lawsuits & Judgements

Have You Been Hit With Financial Hardship? Get a Free Consultation

At the end of April, an estimated 30 million Americans filed their first unemployment claims. Although Texas and several states are reopening, it is hard to estimate how long the economic fallout of the Coronavirus pandemic will last.

If you are falling behind on bills and don’t know what to do, seek guidance and support from Leinart Law Firm. Our lawyers are experienced in a wide variety of debt relief and bankruptcy options. We can guide you each step of the way, and put you on a path to financial recovery.

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