Trusted Debt Solutions for over 15 years

Trusted Debt Solutions for over 15 years


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Bankruptcy is our specialty and a strategy that thousands of individuals and businesses take advantage of to reorganize and rid themselves of financial difficulties.

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Insurmountable debt has a way of taking over your thoughts and your life.  Our dedicated lawyers will help get your life back on track.

What sets us apart

“What sets Leinart Law Firm apart is the level of personalized attention we give to each client and each case.” ~Marcus Leinart

If you are facing overwhelming challenges from debt, you need a team of experienced, reliable legal professionals on your side.  Since 2005, Leinart Law Firm has been providing dependable legal advice and financial solutions in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  With thousands of successful bankruptcy cases on record, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your case to help ensure success.

How Our Law Firm Helps You with Bankruptcy

At Leinart Law Firm, we understand that each client presents unique financial challenges. We excel in providing legal services and solutions to the challenges you face with our expansive knowledge of bankruptcy law and other debt solutions. Our bankruptcy attorneys are experienced and they know what it takes to help their clients reach financial peace after unexpected hardships or a loss of income. Our law practice focuses on solutions to help you with:

“Everyone I have spoken to at Leinart has been so sweet, kind, understanding and helpful. They actually seem like they care and get back with me quickly with all of, what I think, are stupid questions.”

—Sherri H

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At Leinart Law Firm, we understand that an approach that doesn’t include bankruptcy might be appropriate in some cases. In addition to bankruptcy-focused legal services, our bankruptcy attorneys in Dallas & Fort Worth also help clients find other ways of managing debt. Each situation is unique. That is why it’s best to meet in person so that you can understand exactly how our legal services can help solve your financial difficulties.

Bankruptcy Attorneys Dallas and Fort Worth TX

Our credit attorneys in Dallas and Fort Worth go the extra mile to bring you the peace of mind and financial relief you need.

Here’s what one of our many satisfied clients has to say:

“I got behind on my house after missing work due to an illness — this firm not only saved my house but also fixed my credit and got rid of all of my medical bills. The legal staff took their time and made sure I understood everything. THANK YOU for my home.”

Legal Resources

We’ve put together several resource pages for those who want to learn more about personal injury, bankruptcy & debt. Learn what it all means, how to get started, and how our clients can achieve the successful conclusion of their case.


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“Everything has been real good so far in our bankruptcy case I’m from out of town so they where good about handling stuff out of office that we could online phone etc correspondence was good got right back to you when you contacted Them .”
Alan Farmer
Client Review

Meet our Attorneys at Leinart Law

Our bankruptcy & personal injury law firm is made up of expert attorneys who care about doing right by their clients above all else. Our commitment to our work and sompassion for people who find themselves in these situations has been noted time and time again by those we represent. For people of any background who need out assistance to find a soulution to their debt, our door will always be open, and these are the faces that will be there to greet you.

Marcus Leinart

Managing Attorney

Richard Anderson III - Senior Attorney | Leinart Law Firm

Richard Anderson III

Senior Texas Bankruptcy Attorney

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Arthur Demske

Associate Attorney

Can a foreclosure lawyer help me from losing my home?

Many homeowners find themselves hitting periods where they are struggling financially and their mortgage holder is threatening foreclosure. If you are in this situation, a foreclosure lawyer may be able to help you avoid foreclosure and keep your home.

One option is filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Filing a bankruptcy petition will put a hold on any foreclosure action your mortgage company is threatening you with. Once the court approves your Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition, you will then have 60 months to repay your mortgage arrearage. If the court does approve it, the mortgage company must abide by the court’s decision.

What types of options can a mortgage lawyer assist with to avoid foreclosure?

If a homeowner defaults on their mortgage payments, the company can begin the foreclosure process. The truth is, however, is mortgage companies would rather avoid foreclosing and may work with a homeowner’s mortgage lawyer to come up with a better solution.

One option may be refinancing the current mortgage. The homeowner will obtain a new mortgage that allows them to pay off the current one. This new loan may be with the current mortgage holder or with a new company. If the homeowner chooses this option, they will be responsible for closing costs and any other fees that are required to create the new mortgage.

Are there certain debts that cannot be included in my bankruptcy?

The bankruptcy process can be a complex one, which is why it is important to have a seasoned bankruptcy lawyer advocating for you. One of the issues that a petitioner may not be aware of is the types of debts that cannot be included in their bankruptcy filing. These debts include:

Child support and alimony – Bankruptcy will not eliminate a person’s legal obligation in any child support or alimony order. It also does not cover any past due obligations that the petitioner may be in arrears on.

Student loans – In the majority of bankruptcy filings, student loans – whether owed to the federal government or private lenders – cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.

Tax debt – Any debt owed to the IRS or the state is not allowed in a bankruptcy petition. In some cases, the tax agency may be willing to accept an offer in compromise or agree to a payment arrangement.

Do I need a lawyer for a loan modification?

There are some circumstances where a homeowner will benefit from a loan modification. A loan modification is where a lender will restructure a mortgage so the payments are more affordable for the homeowner. This can be done by converting the interest rate from a variable to a fixed, reducing the interest rate, extending the length of the loan, and/or forbearing some of the principal balance of the loan.

While a homeowner is not required to retain a loan modification lawyer, it is often in their best interest to do so, especially if there is a potential foreclosure involved. Whenever there are any issues involving mortgage arrears and foreclosure, it is important to consult with a lawyer to find out what legal options are available to save the home.

How can a credit lawyer help with repairing my credit?

These days, it is not uncommon for people to find they have some major issues with their credit history and/or reports. If you are having credit issues, a credit lawyer can help you take the steps to repair it.

One of the first things a credit lawyer can do is review your credit report to check for any potential errors. If there are errors or negative items, your lawyer can work to have those removed.

Other issues a credit lawyer can take care of on your behalf include negotiating with creditors and collection companies on your behalf to obtain a reduced amount on the debt you owe. If a creditor takes you to court, a credit lawyer can also represent you and ensure your rights are protected in any lawsuit.

What can I do to stop all of the harassing phone calls from debt collectors I am receiving?

A debt relief lawyer understands that struggling with debt be stressful enough, but when that stress is compounded by a constant barrage of phone calls and letters from creditors and debt collectors, that stress can feel absolutely overwhelming.

The good news is that as soon as your lawyer files the bankruptcy petition on your behalf, an automatic stay goes into effect. This automatic stay means that your creditors and those collection agencies are required to stop all collection attempts once they have been notified of the bankruptcy.

This notification can take a few weeks, so it is advised that if you do receive any collection calls, let the creditor know you have filed for bankruptcy and give them your case number. Your lawyer will let notify any creditors that have filed lawsuits against you.

Once creditors have been notified, if they continue their collection efforts, they can be sanctioned by the court.

What happens to any loans I have if I file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

One of the goals of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is to get you back on track and current with your mortgage, vehicle payment, and other loans you may have. Some of the options your loan modification lawyer may recommend in your bankruptcy include the following:

  • Lien stripping – When a homeowner has a second or third mortgage on their home or they have a home equity line of credit, they may have the legal option of eliminating them – or “stripping” them – in their bankruptcy petition. This option is usually only available if the actual value of the home is lower than the amount that is owed, often referred to as being “underwater.”
  • Cramdown – The balance of a vehicle and other types of loans (other than mortgages) are often more than the actual value of the property. In these situations, the petitioner may be able to lower the amount owed to the actual value of the property. For example, if a petitioner owes $8,000 on their vehicle loan but the resale value of the vehicle is only $4,000, the loan may be reduced to $4,000 by the court.

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