Texas Loan Modification Assistance Lawyer

Loan Modification Assistance Lawyer Texas

Texas Loan Modification Assistance LawyerWhen you need help with a loan modification, it is time to reach out to Leinart Law Firm to speak with our Texas loan modification assistance lawyer. Not everyone who is having a hard time will qualify for a loan modification. It can sometimes be difficult to show that you need a loan modification and it is especially hard for people who try to do this without the assistance of a lawyer. When there is so much on the line and you do not want to lose your property, reach out to our trusted team to see how we can help you. Give our office a call when you are ready to move forward with a consultation. 

What exactly is a modification? 

When you are hoping to get a loan modification, this means that you are fighting for a change to the mortgage’s terms that you already have. Your lender may agree to make your payments more affordable because it will likely be cheaper for them than the alternative. Your lawyer may be able to help modify your mortgage by: 

  • Making the length of your loan longer
  • Getting a lower interest rate
  • Working to switch your current adjustable rate mortgage over to be a fixed rate mortgage
  • Moving the payments you missed to the end of the mortgage or putting the payments into the principal balance

What kinds of documents will you need to have when you are applying for a loan modification? 

Your Texas loan modification assistance lawyer knows that you will need to have certain documents that show your need for a loan modification. It would be beneficial for you to have:

  • Proof of your income
  • Proof of job loss if you have it
  • Any recent copies of tax returns
  • Documents showing what your property is valued at
  • A document showing the current state of your finances
  • A letter that explains why the loan modification would be beneficial, such as why you are going through financial hardships right now. These supporting documents could show job loss, the death of a loved one, or even medical bills you need to pay 

These are just a few examples of documents that you may need to pull up for your loan modification application. If there are other applicable documents or pieces of evidence, your lawyer will direct you to find them. 

Why You Need a Lawyer

Getting a loan modification is not necessarily simple. Similar to other financial problems, navigating finances–and the law–can be difficult and you may find you have peace of mind with the assistance a lawyer can give you. Debt can be crippling. If you try to get a loan modification on your own, you may not get a modification that is best for you. A lawyer will ensure you have all of the necessary paperwork for your application, that it is filed on time, and can go to bat for you with the lender. They will know what a good modification program is for you and what will work best given your specific circumstances. 

If you would like help, call Leinart Law Firm to speak with our Texas loan modification assistance lawyer today.