When a victim is injured in a car accident, there are many factors that come into play when pursuing an injury case against the at-fault driver. A car accident lawyer will use multiple pieces of evidence when proving fault, including witness statements, police reports, photos of the accident scene, and any surveillance video that may be available. In many cases, there are often other factors involved that may have contributed to the crash.

Heavy Traffic Conditions

Think how often you hear about or see car accidents during the morning or afternoon work commute. Instead of being extra cautious because of the heavy traffic, many drivers become easily distracted, frustrated, or downright aggressive because they are going to be late to their destination. Rear-end collisions are some of the most common crashes, especially when the traffic is literally bumper to bumper. Heavy traffic conditions are also present during certain times of the year, such as holiday weekends or annual events.

Road Construction

According to data collected by the federal government, there is a road construction accident every five minutes in this country. These crashes cause almost 26,000 victims to suffer injuries each year, and, even more tragic, more than 600 deaths. Not only are road workers in danger of being killed or injured in these accidents, but vehicle occupants also face high risks. With multiple lane changes, reduced speeds, and sudden stops, drivers need to remain alert at all times and heed the posted lowered speed limit signs. Failure to drive cautiously can result in a deadly crash.

Bad Weather Conditions

According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHA), approximately 1.3 million car accidents each year involve some type of bad weather condition, like rain, icy roads, fog, or heavy winds. And while some drivers may think that snowy roads are the most dangerous, the truth is that rain and wet road conditions in both warm and cold climates are the most dangerous for drivers to encounter. This is because tire traction is decreased on wet roads, causing the amount of time a vehicle needs to stop to increase. And rain or fog can greatly impede a driver’s ability to see the road in front of them.

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Regardless of what caused the other driver to crash, even if it was bad weather, heavy traffic, or road construction, every driver is legally liable to drive in a responsible way. A driver who is negligent or reckless and causes an accident is responsible for the losses the victim of that accident suffers. No matter what your situation is, you need a skilled attorney, like a car accident lawyer from a law firm like Tuttle Law, P.A.