If you were riding your bicycle on the street and were suddenly struck by an inattentive or reckless driver, resulting in your injuries, you can take legal action against them. As a victim, you can consider filing a legal claim if you file within the statute of limitations. Personal injury claims can be confusing and tough to do on your own, so it is recommended that you talk to a lawyer and have your situation evaluated. They can explain your legal options. If you have been in a bicycle accident, here are some things you can do. 

Call the Police

As soon as you can after the accident, call the police and let them know about the situation. This is legally required if there was a person who was injured or a large number of property damages occurred as a result of the accident. They will inform you what to do. In the meantime, stay at the scene and wait for the police to arrive. 

Get Immediate Medical Attention

Some people wait until the next day to see a doctor because they think they are feeling better, but symptoms of injuries can be delayed. It is best to see a doctor right away on the day of the accident to be sure that you can receive prompt treatment. Another incentive to get medical attention is that it will ease your communication with the insurance company, who may not be inclined to believe you if you delay getting your injuries treated. 

Gather Evidence

Take as many photos as possible at the accident scene. Document the damage on your bike, the scene, and the surrounding area. Don’t forget to check for any smaller details like road debris or damaged traffic signs. Take photos of your injuries and any torn clothes you have as well. Bring any photos you have to a bicycle accident lawyer, like at Tuttle Law, P.A., so they can piece together your case. 

Exchange Information with the Driver

You are required to exchange contact, vehicle, and insurance information whenever you are in an accident. This includes your insurance policy and the best phone number to reach you. If you fail to do so, you may face legal consequences such as fines. If the other driver refuses to give you their information, let a lawyer know so they can give you further guidance. 

There is legal help available for bicycle accident victims. Contact a top-rated bicycle accident lawyer now if you need urgent assistance.